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Big River New Brunswick Poker Updates

Alik Sitnyakovsky @KingAlikMJstyle
@PokerStars in tournament "The Big $55, $75K Gtd" #BOOMPlayeri knew has AK pre post & turn & river lol #shipit HUSSS
8 hours ago
Mike Radford @MikeRad77
AA sick river @PokerStars in tournament "The Big $5.50, $20K Gtd" #BOOMPlayer
Craig Butler @SocialMajordomo
Literally the only card I don't want to come on the river. Folddddd "The Big $5.50, $20K Gtd" #BOOMPlayer
3 days ago
FaithDrivenBusnzMan @SalterandSons
Win big. Create poker team that'll win big too. I'm your ace on the river. #RoyalFlush
8 days ago
Marbella Slim @MarbellaSlim
Chinny-chin-win: Full house on river but Big Bad Wolf has been huffing & puffing every street
8 days ago