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Casino Game Favorites Include Poker

January 24, 2006

What is it about poker in a casino that makes people want to fly across country or half way around the world to get in on a live game?

The answer for many who prefer to play poker is simply the challenge. There is nothing quite like a fast-paced game of poker to get the brain working and the adrenaline pumping. Combining a bit of luck with strategy, most poker games involve more than sheer chance for victory. But, there is always the possibility that luck and luck alone will win the game.

This combination of elements makes poker a favorite for those who love the thrill of the chase. No matter the name of the game, the elements of both luck and strategy come into play during a typical poker game. Sometimes the outcome depends strictly on chance, but other times honest to goodness strategy and skill can make a difference for a player.

Card games, such as seven-card stud or five-card draw, will always first shape up based on luck. The first step in winning is getting a good hand. During the game's dealing phase, a player gets what a player gets, whether it's a natural flush or a hand of mismatched cards.

What happens next is up to a player. Good players learn to manage their deals and turn lemons into lemonade whenever possible. Strategy can be especially important when all the cards dealt are simply awful. In fact, it is here that a little quick thinking can turn a bad hand into a winner.

A smart player learns to hide reactions and hold cards close. Even a pair of twos can win the pot if a bluff is successful enough to make other players fold. Plus, there’s strategy involved in knowing what to discard and when. Sometimes it pays to ride it out, other times the odds are more in a player's favor if they discard what a particular game allows and take their chances that the new cards will give them a better poker hand.

Combining skill, acting and some good old fashion luck, too, poker and its many different games are favorites for a lot of people who frequent casinos. Not relying on pure chance alone, the card games are loved by those who enjoy fast-paced strategy games.
-Sherri Lonon




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